The last 12 weeks of riddles
Riddle of the Week from Nov 20 2022
Sweet stalk, if you know what I mean.
Not his brother's keeper?
Citizen of the silver screen?
And the blind man's peeper.
This riddle written by RLM

Riddle of the Week from Nov 13 2022
A giant thief, his back to the sun
Once brought fear to everyone
A ring of fire 'round great black eye,
Seemed to hover way on high
Never seen in the dark of night
Only visits when it's light
This riddle written by MDM

Riddle of the Week from Nov 06 2022
One of seven brothers,
Children of the sun.
In glory you will see me,
When the day is done.
The heart within the fire,
The fire inside the heart.
The roses are in bloom,
Of their glory I am part.

Riddle of the Week from Oct 30 2022
When in a court presents a wall
When you're high might break your fall
When swimming brings in quite a haul
When on the field might catch the ball
This riddle written by MDM

Riddle of the Week from Oct 23 2022
The world's greatest healer,
and executioner too.
Whole nations have I toppled,
and civilizations slew.
The strongest in the universe,
for none can me withstand.
Transforming islands into oceans,
and oceans into land.
Equated oft with riches --
an understatement dire,
For I have no limitations,
and see every funeral pyre.

Riddle of the Week from Oct 16 2022
The day he leaves his boxy home, is the day that he shall die
A single breath is all he takes, yet at his passing none will cry.
He is certainly no writer; no chapters in his book
But foundering in darkness, he'll help you take a look
He'll help you on your birthday; though his present you'll destroy
And your parents might have said, don't treat him as a toy.
Just one task is asked of him, and yet he goes on strike?
Safety first we all demand, no matter what he'd like.
This riddle written by MDM

Riddle of the Week from Oct 09 2022
Up I go but cannot fly.
Down into a well, always dry.
Winding around, or straight as an arrow.
Sometimes wide, often narrow.
Carry you to safety in a fiery flurry.
Carry you to death if you're in a hurry.

Riddle of the Week from Oct 02 2022
When mailed then safety is supplied
When mailed then danger is implied
When at the ball freedom denied
When at the door it won't swing wide
When close may keep your wealth nearby
When closed no more then freedom's nigh
This riddle written by MDM

Riddle of the Week from Sep 25 2022
More valued than gold, more precious than silk
Pouring like wine, flowing like milk.
A count's nightly feast, an offering of war,
A pact is now sealed, forever more.

Riddle of the Week from Sep 18 2022
As it hits the sheets, its job will begin
As time goes by, it sheds its skin
After it leaves, darkness remains
Yet its crown can then remove the stains
It draws upon your inspiration
Lead's the way to its creation
This riddle written by MDM

Riddle of the Week from Sep 11 2022
You check in but you don't check out
The terminal that will not die.
"This gate's not pearly" you may shout
Before ascending to the sky.
This riddle written by RAS

Riddle of the Week from Sep 04 2022
Some will battle darkness and some will combat light
All of them unarmed, go forward to the fight.
An early leap, perhaps, then slowly to the fray
Reincarnation lay six short steps away
These faceless men, a score shy four,
Lead church and state into this war.
This riddle written by MDM
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