Card Games
Ogre Bash
# 50401
$13.95 msrp

The traditional (well, not so traditional) card game, Ogre Bash!

Building Dead Guys
# 50402
$13.95 msrp

Building Dead Guys is a two player card game of creative necromancy. Outbid your opponent on arms, legs and squishy stuff so your Dead Guy comes to life, more or less, before your opponent’s.

Minions: Darkness and Myth
# 50410
$13.95 msrp

When you're a Minor Deity, how do you get more glory than the Minor Deity living next door?  You send your minions into battle of course!

# 50420
$13.95 msrp

A strategic two player card game. Each player attempts to build a path across the table, cutting their opponent's path as they go.

# 50422
$13.95 msrp

The Tensor board game pits two players against each other in a quick strategy game.