Role Playing
Riddle Rooms #1 - Dungeon Dilemmas
# 50201
$14.95 msrp

In this first collection of Riddle Rooms, Cloud Kingdom games has placed a series of encounters which you, as the game master, can drop into your campaign. These encounters are indoors - in a room, dungeon or cave - and ready to be placed wherever you want them. The encounters are fully system independent. Just show the players the diagram of the room and then figure out the reward if they succeed, or the penalty if they fail.

Shadowman's Twisted Treasury
# 50220
$19.95 msrp

Shadowman's Twisted Treasury contains thirty different puzzles which you can solve by yourself or which you can place into any role-playing campaign.
Each puzzle is accompanied by a set of hints and "steps". Each step checks to see if you're on track to solving the puzzle without giving it away.

Shadowman's Tricks and Traps
# 50222
$19.95 msrp

Solve these devilish puzzles. The good news is that the clever adventurer gains valuable treasure. The bad news is that the fiendish tricks and traps contained in these puzzles may easily send an adventurer to his doom.
Additionally, visit THREE of Shadowman’s famous locked rooms. Use your wits to escape.

Thieve's Island
# 50250
$12.95 msrp

Thieves Island is a self contained RiddleRooms gaming scenario, and is a cooperative adventure where players need to work together.

One player takes the part of the game master, the others need to work together to win their way off of the island - alive.

Altered Images
# 50251
$12.95 msrp

In this Riddle Rooms adventure your party must try to rescue the prince, but is that what you really want to do? Deceptions and intrigue abound as you race to save or slay the hostage.

Altered Images is a self contained game intended to be played by a game master and four to six players.