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Castle of Magic
# 50010
$29.95 msrp

Castle of Magic is a role playing board game for four to six players, ages thirteen and up. Each player takes the part of a Wizard in Castle Bondi. Will you seek to Banish the monster or enslave him towards your own ends? More than one player can win so if you can find an ally, you can work together and defeat the others.

The Fall of Castle Bondi
# 50012
$19.95 msrp

The second expansion for Castle of Magic. This book contains new scenarios, rules and a reprint of The Castle Cursed expansion.

# 50423
$13.95 msrp

The object of the game is to play a piece in the center of the board before your opponent. Each turn you either play a new piece on the board or move the Skorpion. The Skorpion can not only be used to block the other player but can also bump their pieces from the board. Skorpion is abstract strategy – no luck involved – so it’s all about out-thinking your opponent.