Esther Carr
Who am I?
My family sometimes calls me a super hero because I often quote The Tick, "I'm doing laundry!" But, my alter ego is really a homeschooling mom who loves Cape Breton dancing (I'm learning the Shetland Reel right now.) One of my favorite games to play is Mah Jong especially while drinking a glass of wine with my friend Vicky!
The Seven intelligences and Riddles
Reading and writing riddles forces me to use my different intelligences.  Of course, riddles are word smarts, but also I think I use some of my nature smarts for being able to classify things in my head.  Not much intra or inter-personal smarts going on there in solving riddles unless you can know who wrote the riddle and try to look at things from their perspective.  Picture smarts could be how the riddle looks or the use of imagery for creating pictures in my head.  Music smarts comes in when there is a definite rhyme and meter to a riddle.  Body smarts?  Maybe the cocked position I hold my head while trying to solve the riddle.  You see how important riddles are in education?  Remember, it isn't how smart are you, but whatsmart are you.
My favorite riddle that I wrote:
I'm placed at the top, even when down.
I stay at hotels all over town.
Although I am soft, I'm used to fight;
But most will embrace me during the night.
Esther's Favorite riddle that he didn't write
I have my own time, once each day.
Sometimes I'm orange and sometimes Grey.
The longer I sit, the stronger I get;
But not when I'm dry, only when wet.<
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