This Week's Riddle
The day he leaves his boxy home, is the day that he shall die
A single breath is all he takes, yet at his passing none will cry.
He is certainly no writer; no chapters in his book
But foundering in darkness, he'll help you take a look
He'll help you on your birthday; though his present you'll destroy
And your parents might have said, don't treat him as a toy.
Just one task is asked of him, and yet he goes on strike?
Safety first we all demand, no matter what he'd like.
(answer is one word)
Your guess:
Take my guess exactly as typed
I'm not sure of the spelling
There have been 232 right answers, 104 wrong answers and 30 people have given up.
This riddle written by MDM
Hints will help you notice the riddle's key words or phrases.
Hint #1: What things are associated with a birthday?
Hint #2: What do you need when “foundering in darkness”?
Hint #3: What did your parents tell you NOT to play with?
Check Hint: CVCCC
Big Hint: Burn, baby, burn
You should use the Big Hint ONLY if you are really stuck. This hint may contain information that is beyond what is already in the riddle.
The Check Hint lets you check your answer without actually seeing the answer. A Check Hint is the answer with each vowel (AEIOU) replaced by a 'V' and each consonant (including Y) replaced by a 'C'.
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