This Week's Riddle
A Cloud Kingdom Classic Riddle
One of seven brothers,
Children of the sun.
In glory you will see me,
When the day is done.
The heart within the fire,
The fire inside the heart.
The roses are in bloom,
Of their glory I am part.
(answer is one word)
Your guess:
Take my guess exactly as typed
I'm not sure of the spelling
There have been 250 right answers, 287 wrong answers and 64 people have given up.
Hints will help you notice the riddle's key words or phrases.
Hint #1: What does the sun create?
Hint #2: What do heart, roses and fire all have in common?
Check Hint: CVC
Big Hint: When embarrassed, your face turns ....
You should use the Big Hint ONLY if you are really stuck. This hint may contain information that is beyond what is already in the riddle.
The Check Hint lets you check your answer without actually seeing the answer. A Check Hint is the answer with each vowel (AEIOU) replaced by a 'V' and each consonant (including Y) replaced by a 'C'.
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