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The Fall of Castle Bondi - Castle of Magic expansion

Fall of Castle Bondi

The Fall of Castle Bondi

In every world there is force that drives society forward. In some worlds it is magic, in others it is science. On one such scientific world, an advanced laboratory focused on wormhole research was built. The lab was staffed by robots programmed with sophisticated artificial intelligence, bordering on sentience. One day a major breakthrough occurred. Some kind of a gate in the space/time continuum was opened. Unfortunately an unknown discharge came through the gate, affecting one of the robots. This particular robot reconfigured itself into a military arrangement and began systematically destroying the other robots and the lab. Several scientists were dispatched to deal with the situation. When they entered the lab the robot began hunting them down. The scientists fled but were cornered in the room where the wormhole had been created. The robot shot an energy beam at the scientists, which somehow reopened the wormhole, and the scientists and the robot all vanished.

On a different world, many wizards had journeyed to Castle Bondi to banish a terrible monster from the castle. They succeeded in casting a great spell that opened a magical gate through which to banish the monster. Somehow this gate coincided in the space/time continuum with the wormhole from the science lab. Chaos ensued as matter was transmitted in both directions.

As the dust cleared, the situation revealed itself. Within Castle Bondi were some wizards and some scientists. The Castle itself was in flux between the world of magic and the world of science. The monster and the robot were overlapped in space and time. It is now up to those at the Castle to determine whether the Castle and all its inhabitants end up in a world of magic or a world of science. If magic is chosen, the monster will exist. If science is chosen the robot will exist. The outcome of the Ritual will be determined by the type of world chosen.

Every Ritual has two possible outcomes, one for magic and one for science. When a player lands on a Countdown space he may move the marker following any of the arrows.

If the game ends by locking the Bell , Book and Candle, check the space that the marker is in. If it is light gray, move the marker to Magic. If the space is dark gray, move the marker to Science. If the space is white, move the marker to The Fall of Castle Bondi.

If the marker ends on Magic, reference the Magic rituals on the tracking sheet for the final outcome. If the marker ends on Science, reference the Science rituals. If the marker ends on The Fall of Castle Bondi, the Castle and everyone there are destroyed.

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