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Cattle of Magic - a rather silly Castle of Magic expansion

The Fall of Castle Bondi - Cattle of Magic

Farmer John has gone crazy! He went into a large stone barn called "Castle Bondi" and ever since then he hasn't been right in the head. He's tried milking the beef herd and he chased after his champion milk cow with a knife. Brave and valiant cattle from the herds in the Kida, Marus and Sorrell pastures have all decided to go into the Bondi Barn to try to find Farmer John's mind.

Each cow or bull has his or her own agenda, however. Traditionally Farmer John has gotten his milk from the herd in Kida pasture, his beef from the Marus cows and taken the herd of Sorrell to the county fair. Some feel that the time is ripe for change!

The humble dairy cows want Farmer John to get milk from their pasture. This often leads to conflict between dairy cows from different pastures although rarely to outright violence. The proud beef cattle want Farmer John to get his good, wholesome beef from their pastures. Of course, since only one pasture will provide beef, this usually leads to conflict between the different pastures. Lastly the vain yet talented show cows just want to be seen. Naturally since only one herd will be selected to have its members go to the county fair, this leads to name-calling and other disagreements between the herds.

The seers of the herd met to discuss this and discovered that a Big Thing will happen in the Bondi Barn when a cow-bell, a flickering light thing and a book (whatever that is) are moved around. The result will determine which pasture Farmer John gets Milk from, Beef from, and which one goes to the Fair.


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