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The Castle Cursed - 1998 Limited Edition

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When the Beast Master Kolona tamed the Monster and won the throne of Sorrell, he used his new powers to give intelligence and magic to the Beasts of the World. For years Humans and Beasts lived together in harmony until an outlaw band of Wizards, the Dark Circle of Kida, rose up and challenged the rule of Kolona.

Using their evil magic, the Dark Circle defeated both the Beast Master and Dukaro, the ruling sovereign of Kida. As Kolona was dying he cast forth a curse against all of Humankind, but the Wizards of the Dark Circle were able to deflect half of it back against the Beasts. Humans and Beasts were cursed to fight against each other until one or the other was eliminated.

In the years that have passed, war has been continuous. The Beast Lords ruling Sorrell and the Human Lords of Marus have mercilessly used their Serfs in the never-ending combat.

Recently renegade Serfs with the backing of the Dark Circle have challenged the current order, threatening both the Human and Beast Lords. An uneasy truce was formed between the ruling Humans and Beasts as both sides recognized the menace of the rebel Serfs and their Dark Circle allies.

Realizing the danger the united Lords posed to them, the Wizards of the Dark Circle made a daring ploy and reopened the Castle Bondi to outsiders. This mystical castle has been sealed since the days of Kolona and few now remember its powers. All that is known is a mighty spell will be cast which has the power to remove the curse or turn it fully against one of the lands.

Arriving at the Castle are some of the most powerful beings in the world including:

Two who are conspicuous by their absence are Lord Hubreth the Human rule of Marus and Lord Claxmar the Beast ruler of Sorrell. Perhaps they do not realize that their thrones may be taken from them at the Castle.

How The Castle Cursed differs from Castle of Magic.


Generally Lords and Serfs will oppose each other, as will Beasts and Humans. Remember these are not universal rules – allies can sometimes be found in strange places.

Many Human players will want to curse Sorrell because it will reduce the power of the Beasts. Most Beast players will want to curse Marus since that hurts Humans. Those who oppose the Dark Circle will want to curse Kida.

Some will want to remove the Curse entirely and others depend on it since they crave the strife it brings.

There are rumors that several unusual beings, the mysterious Others – who appear to be Human or Beast but which actually are neither – have also shown up at the Castle. Their goals are unfathomable.


In this limited edition of The Castle Curse there are 15 new Wizard cards. You will notice that each Wizard card has on the back of it "Human" or "Beast". This is what the Wizard appears to be.

There are 20 new secret cards. Castle Cursed secret cards have two digit numbers on the back instead of three digit numbers like Castle of Magic. There is also a deck of Wild Magic cards and four stickers.

Tracking sheets:

These are organized differently and contain new Ritual Results.

Ruling Countries:

The way to rule a country is the same as in Castle of Magic: end the game with the most points for the item (Crown, Amulet or Scepter) which controls that country. No true Human player can rule Sorrell, nor can a true Beast player rule Marus. Also, Marus and Sorrell start the game already ruled.

Lord Hubreth, a Human Lord, starts the game with 10 item points towards whichever item controls Marus. Likewise, the Beast Lord Claxmar starts with 10 item points towards the item controlling Sorrell. Of course, you don't know which items these are at the start of the game.

f none of the players end the game with more than 10 points towards the item controlling Marus then the Human Lord Hubreth continues to rule and players score accordingly. If the Ritual Result permits the ruler of Marus to cast the curse then Hubreth will cast it on Sorrell.

Similarly if no player has more than 10 points towards the item for Sorrell, Lord Claxmar rules it and casts the Curse on Marus is possible.

Cursing Countries:

Three of the Ritual outcomes allow the Curse to be focused against one of the three countries. A player who rules a country at the end of the game can cast the Curse if the appropriate ritual outcome occurs: 2, 3 or 4. Players will generally curse a country they cannot rule and which they receive points for cursing. Cursing a country does not kill any players – it merely hurts a faction and will have repercussions in the years ahead. It's even possible that some players will want to curse a country they rule.

You cannot cast the Curse from a country that you cannot rule. If you have an "X" on your Wizard card for ruling a country and you end the game controlling its item, the country is not ruled.

Suppose you have the most Crown points, the Crown is Marus's item and you have an "X" for ruling Marus. Marus is unruled and if Ritual Result #2 happens you cannot cast the Curse. If Ritual #5 happens you do not rule the country, but your Wizard dies and Marus is cursed. If Ritual Results #5, #6 or #7 happen the associated country is cursed whether or not it is ruled.


Each player has a scoring matrix much like they do in Castle of Magic. Some of the entries have an "X" in them. These outcomes are not allowed and will not happen even if the Ritual Result indicates they should. For example, if a player is cannot rule Kida but controls the item which rules it, then Kida is unruled. A player cannot cast the Curse from a country which he cannot rule, but he can still die there if the appropriate ritual occurs.

Each Wizard card also has a few other goals listed at the bottom. These include the scores the player gets if Beasts or Humans rule Kida and a few others which are self-explanatory. If you rule Kida, you do not get any additional points for a Beast or Human ruling Kida.


Board play is the same as in Castle of Magic except for the Wild Magic squares and cards described below.

Wild Magic:

This mysterious magic permits players to perform feats not normally possible when playing Castle of Magic.

layers may collect as many Wild Magic cards as they can but may only use one per turn. Like Move cards, Wild Magic cards cannot be traded.

Include with The Castle Cursed are four stickers labeled "Wild Magic." Two should be placed on the MOVE CARD squares in the Keep (middle region of the board. The other two should be placed on the SECRET squares also in the Keep.

When a player lands on one of these squares, he or she may chose to take a Wild Magic card from the Wild Magic deck, or may instead take the Secret or Move card which that square normally provides, but not both.

Except for the two cards listed below, your Wild Magic cards can only be used by you on your turn. You cannot use Wild Magic to help or hurt another player on his turn, nor can you use more than one Wild Magic card per turn. For example, you cannot use one Wild Magic card to increase your movement and then use another to affect a Spell-casting die roll.

The appropriate time to use a particular Wild Magic card is shown at the bottom of the card. Most cards are used on your turn, but two of them can be used when you are either attacking or defending. Cards that affect die rolls may be played AFTER you miss the roll. In combat, both the attacker and defender can use a Wild Magic card, unless the attack has already used one that turn, in which case only the defender may.

The Combat Power card, which adds two to your combat roll can be used when you're attacking (on your turn) or when defending (on somebody else's turn.) If you're going to use this card, use it immediately after rolling the dice if you've lost.

The Prevent Combat card may only be used when somebody is attacking you. Just play it instead of rolling the die. Prevent Combat does not work against the Forced Trade Wild Magic card.

Photocopying of tracking sheets permitted for
personal, demonstration or tournament use only, not for resale.


Castle of Magic™ and The Castle Cursed™ were developed by

RiddleMaster Games of California
Cloud Kingdom Games, Inc.
2450 Central Ave, Ste D, Boulder CO 80301
(303) 926-8518

All game contents © 1992 Cloud Kingdom Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Castle of Magic and The Castle Cursed are trademarks of Cloud Kingdom Games, Inc. RiddleMaster Games Design Team: Jason Glor, Robin Marks , Darryl See and Rick Smith. Cloud Kingdom Design Team: Matt and Vicky Mayfield , Rod and Michelle Stephens, Graptor

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