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Pool games


Object: to move an inflatable pool toy, underwater, using only your feet.

Play: Get an inflatable pool toy of some sort such as a raft or life ring. It has to be large enough for a few people to hold it underwater with their feet.

Once the object is being held underwater, the players chant: "rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub" and try to move the object from one side of the pool to the other without it coming to the surface.

As they are moving, players should continually call out "Stable" to indicate that they are fully in control of the object.

If they start losing control, they should call out "Stable!" with a frantic overtone.

If the object reaches the surface of the pool, the "Stable!" calls should become even more convincing.

Bun Boy


Object: to throw and catch things while jumping into a swimming pool.

Bun Boy logo



Player one starts off on the end of the diving board holding the two racquetballs, one in each hand.

Player two starts off about 15 feet away ahead of and to the right of the player on the diving board. This player is "Right field".

Player three starts off about 20 feet away ahead of and to the left of the player on the diving board. This player is "Left field" and is of no particular importance.

The player on the board then asks "Right field, are you ready?" After a response, the player should mumble something to Left field and not really care about the answer.

The player on the board then jumps off the diving board as the following three things happen:

If both racquetballs are caught (one by left field, one by right field) and the diving player gets the mustard, it's a Bun Boy and you gain a point.

If the racquetballs are caught but the mustard isn't, it's a "Bun". No loss of prestige or honor is caused by this. As they always say: "Better a bun than none!"

If either or both racquetballs are missed, then the team is disgraced and should hang their heads low in shame. If the Mustard was caught, the diving player is probably very excited about it - the other players should remind him or her that "nobody cares about the Mustard."

If there are more than three players, rotate someone in each time the players get neither a bun boy nor a bun. The person rotated out should be arbitrarily chosen.

If you are in a singing mood, watch the old Goldie Hawn movie Wildcats and sing its theme song, replacing "Football" with "Bun Boy".

Note: "Bun Boy" is (or was) a restaurant in Baker California, on the interstate between Southern California and Las Vegas. Read more at

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