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Strange games

DogBall is a fun interactive game, guaranteed to annoy anyone. The rules are simple except for the complexities.

Object: Avoid getting DogBalled.

Play: To DogBall someone, point your finger at them and say "DogBall". If that person is not protected (see below), then they are DogBalled and should feel foolish. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITH STRANGERS. They will look at you funny.

Protection from DogBall:

You cannot be DogBalled when...

Note: a Croquet mallet, held with the handle facing forward and the base of the mallet turned sideways -- perpendicular to the ground, is equivalent to a gun and so is considered a weapon. Turned any other way, it's just a mallet.

Get Games

There are currently three "Get Games" known to exist in the world, although scientists are always searching for more.

  • Get Rick
Whenever someone says "Get Rick", you must tap someone other than yourself who is not named "Rick" on the shoulder.
  • Get Doug
Whenever someone says "Get Doug", you must tap yourself twice on the chest.
  • Get Steve
Whenever someone says "Get Steve", you must hit your head twice on some solid object, such as a desk, table, wall, tree, etc.

The only one of these with any sort of penalty for not following the rules is "Get Rick". If you should happen to tap someone named "Rick" on the shoulder then you are in the dog house. You can no longer play the game until someone else makes the same horrendous mistake and lands themselves in the dog house.

One Part Word Game

In the one part word game, you want to just say words that are not hard to say. Ones that do not have more than one part to them, that is, which just have one syllable1.

Object: To talk like most do, just with words that do not have more parts to them than one. When you fail, you must stand up (if you are not like that) and say "Woof! Woof! Woof!" quite loud.

Play: The more you can talk with no bad things said, the more good you are. It is at times fun to play this game with folk who do not know that it is the game that you play. There could be a time when they sense that you play it at which point they start to play too.

Note: The word OK1 is a two part word. "Fine" is a good word to use in place of that one.

1 Woof! Woof! Woof!

I Just lost the game

The rules are very simple; each time you THINK about this game, say out loud "I just lost the game." For the next fifteen minutes, you and the people around you can talk about and think about the game, but after that, the next time you THINK about the game...

The winning strategy for this game is to forget all about it, never play it and never be around anyone who does play it.

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