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Riddle from Feb 09 2020
Like a ghost that's seen in daylight,
Or the heart of cowards all,
The praise received from those
Who really aren't enthralled.
We all fall down.
Riddle from Feb 02 2020
Perhaps it's raised above the castle,
Unseen by friend and foe alike.
Yet still it's there apparent,
Warning of a pending strike.
In truth it might bide at your side
As you sleep the night away
In falsity though, it causes fear,
And leads but to dismay.
Riddle from Jan 26 2020
A castle small with meager walls,
No king has reigned therein.
Rope and wood are found on high,
No doors or windows grace its skin.
No drawbridge lies within its side,
For the moat is found within.
Riddle from Jan 19 2020
First mine and then it's ours,
Perhaps drawn but isn't traced
Needed for the runner
Who made it to third place.
Sometimes worth a penny,
Grows green as the time flies.
"See you on the table!"
Cry the punsters and the wise.
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