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Riddle from Nov 24 2019
Work is slow but sure,
Each eve but one is made.
On canvas ethereal
The colors quickly fade.
A masterpiece of painting
That not a thief can steal,
A wonder to behold,
Impossible to feel.
Riddle from Nov 17 2019
When I was young,
I was black as night.
Now I am older,
And clear as light.
Enhancing beauty,
A woman's pleasure,
A bold thief's prize,
A priceless treasure.
Riddle from Nov 10 2019
An ebon spirit rises high
Child of air and fire.
Born in death yet borne by wind
It flies but does not tire.
It takes your life without a wound
Of that you can be sure.
And though it claws into your eyes
It too may also cure.
Riddle from Nov 03 2019
Back and forth,
Or once around.
Pass them once again.
Lose it when
You lose your seat.
A drink by your best friend.
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