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Riddle from Sep 13 2020
Baby boomers will grow old,
Spring time when it's hot or cold.
None is a crook with felonious job
Yet all of them are in the mob.
Born beneath a cross of light,
Wingless over the land takes flight.
Riddle from Sep 06 2020
Crystal cages always paired
Connected by a passage shared.
Holds a stream that is dry,
Until is low what once was high.
If there's more that you would learn
Then you simply must return.
Riddle from Aug 30 2020
The hunter far and wide will roam,
Like a ghost of sun and shadow.
First she'll brush then find the comb,
And then put on a dancing show.
Mother waits inside her home,
Where golden treasure flows.
Riddle from Aug 23 2020
Sometimes it will aid you,
when time is passing by,
Sometimes it might blind you,
when wind blows hot and dry.
Sometimes it will trap you,
and quickly pull you down,
Sometimes it will make a bed,
where sleep those who have drowned.
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