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Riddle from Jan 12 2020
Never sleeping the giant stands
All of stone is his attire
On his shoulders he wears a watch
Men and horses he consumes entire
When danger comes and fighting looms
To him flock the old and young
And when it's time for them to leave
The giant will stick out his tongue
When sticks and stones against him fly
His burning tears can make men die
Riddle from Jan 05 2020
When used in ones, just to adore,
We grace the ear and hand.
When each of us connects two more,
We form a sturdy band.
When each is linked to neighbors four,
We form an armor grand.
And when we're carried off to war,
The blade we can withstand.
Riddle from Dec 29 2019
A giant stands upon a rise
Not blinded yet he has no eyes.
On calm days will he stand at rest
Like madman though come the tempest
Points at the sky and then straight down
Left and right and all around
Grinding grain he'll never eat
Or lifting water beneath his feet.
Riddle from Dec 22 2019
An instrument in no orchestra found
Played in duet, a ringing sound.
Sharp and flat and often long,
When short can sing the self-same song
And when the maestro doth it play
He just might take your breath away.
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