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Riddle from Nov 22 2020
Relaxed I sit upon my perch
Till suddenly I give a lurch
And off I speed on wing-tips three
Before my prey can think to flee
I make its flesh and tendons part
And claw my way into its heart.
Riddle from Nov 15 2020
Halo of water, tongue of wood
Skin of stone, long I've stood.
My fingers short reach to the sky
Inside my heart men live and die.
Riddle from Nov 08 2020
Child of stone, swiftly dying;
Child of sky, lightning cracks;
Child of wood, snapping, flying;
Child of steel, bloodless hacks.
Riddle from Aug 16 2020
He's born in a simmering, tawny pool
Then locked away where it's dark and cool
His prison's hammered shut, no lock or key,
Yet a single tap can set him free.
He escapes into an open trap.
His head is bare, no hat or cap.
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