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Riddle from Jul 05 2020
Perhaps it's private,
Perhaps it smells,
Perhaps it's how you stand.
Perhaps the Queen moves through them all.
Perhaps it grants command.
Riddle from Jun 28 2020
The hunter far and wide will roam,
Like a ghost of sun and shadow.
First she'll brush then find the comb,
And then put on a dancing show.
Mother waits inside her home,
Where golden treasure flows.
Riddle from Jun 21 2020
I'm a bird
That you can name
Beginning with
A kind of game.
If next I play
I'm never out
It's me or nothing
To end the bout.
Riddle from Apr 04 2021
A thief that hangs around in bars
Yet does not tipple booze.
Water aids him in his thefts
Steals what you want to lose
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