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Riddle Rooms #1 - Dungeon Dilemmas
# 50201

Riddle Rooms #1 - Dungeon Dilemmas

Riddle Rooms contains twenty different Dungeon rooms where we've taken a riddle or puzzle and put it in a setting.

Your players will need to solve the riddle or puzzle and then figure out how to use the answer to get the treasure you want them to have.

Riddle Rooms work with any fantasy role-playing system and any character level.

Shadowman's Twisted Treasury
# 50220

Shadowman's Twisted Treasury

Have you ever wondered what sort of person takes a valuable treasure and hides it behind a hideous trap?

Meet Shadowman.

Shadowman's Twisted Treasury contains thirty different puzzles which you can solve by yourself or which you can place into any role-playing campaign.


Shadowman's Tricks and Traps

Shadowman's Tricks & Traps

Shadowman returns, with a new sampling of fiendishly clever puzzles to challenge either the individual adventurer, or a party of hearty treasure hunters.
Shadowman has continued his exploration of exotic, far-off locales and has managed to use his wits to “liberate” a good deal of treasure while avoiding many deadly traps along the way.
He invites you to share in his adventures to see if you could have avoided the perilous traps and gotten away with the goods. But best of all, this book contains THREE extended puzzle adventures made famous by Shadowman. In these, you (and your friends) will are trapped in a situation where neither weapons, nor strength of arm, nor magic will aid you. You must, by your wits, get whatever treasure you can find, and still escape with your lives. All of these puzzles can be solved by an individual, or by a group. Hints are provided for each puzzle, or, if you need help in getting started on the right solution path, steps for solving each puzzle are also included. Additionally there is a section of the book to help game-masters use these puzzles in their role-playing adventures. This book provides hours of brain-teasing fun.

Thieve's Island
# 50250

Thieves Island

Thieves Island is a self contained RiddleRooms gaming scenario.

Run our characters or yours through a series of puzzles, riddles and traps in an effort to get the treasure and get off the island - alive.

This is a cooperative adventure where players need to work together. For a more competitive adventure, check out Altered Images.

Altered Images
# 50251

Altered Images

In this Riddle Rooms adventure your party must try to rescue the prince.

But is that what you really want to do? Deceptions and intrigue abound as you race to save or slay the hostage.

In Altered Images, each character is a mystery, each new encounter a challenge.

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