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Lair of the Sphinx
# 50301

Lair of the Sphinx

A collection of unique and challenging riddles written by the Riddle Masters of Cloud Kingdom Games.
Contains 79 different riddles spanning a range of fantasy to modern day answers.
Can you find both of the hidden riddles?

Tower of the RiddleMaster
# 50302

Tower of the RiddleMaster

Toiling away endlessly in distant towers, Riddle Masters study the vast and wonderous questions that abound in the world.
Do you have what it takes to join their ranks?
Tower of the Riddle Master is a collection of unique and challenging riddles created by Cloud Kingdom Games.
Can you find both of the hidden riddles?

Quest for the Riddle Stone
# 50303

Quest for the Riddle Stone

The legendary Riddle Stone is coveted by many but found by few.
Can you find the Riddle Stone?
Quest for the Riddle Stone is a collection of unique and challenging riddles written by the Riddle Masters of Cloud Kingdom Games.

Riddle of the Unicorn
# 50304

Riddle of the Unicorn

Seeking the answer to a riddle that has vexed his herd, a Unicorn comes hunting for the spirit of the Sphinx to aid him.
In the more than 70 riddles in the book, we've also hidden four riddles.

# 50308

This book contains a set of riddles designed for kids, all in the classic poetic riddle format.

In the starter section each riddle sits across from a page with a set of images on it. One of those images is the answer; the rest are red herrings.

In the harder riddle section we present a riddle with a single hint written on the opposite page.

Kiddles are fun for kids in elementary through middle school - and even for their parents too!

The Riddle Treasury

Cloud Kingdom Games has collected their 150 favorite riddles from the last twenty years of books, games and the “Riddle of the Week”.

Each word riddle challenges the reader to guess what’s being discussed. Riddles use wordplay, metaphors and just plain sneaky tricks and double meaning to keep you guessing.

Riddles in a Language Arts Classroom
# 50311
What you'll find in our riddles is a mix of:
  • Word games. Puns, double meanings and clever uses of homonyms to mislead the reader.
  • Metaphors. We often describe something obliquely so that the description is accurate, yet unexpected.
  • Multiple definitions. We'll often take a single word and write a poem where each line or pair of lines is keyed to a different definition of the word.
All of these work well for stretching students' vocabulary, problem solving and lateral thinking.
This book contains thirty different classroom exercises, each focusing on poetic terms and concepts. Worksheets guide the students to both answer the riddle and appreciate the methods involved.

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